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Web Development & Support

The SAS IT Office now provides assistance with the design, development and update of web sites. The SAS pioneered the widespread use of a Content Management System (CMS) at Rutgers and continues to expand this service. Our staff of Web Developers and Designers create attractive and functional templates for our CMS system for use throughout the SAS. By focusing our web development on the CMS system we are able to empower departments to maintain their web pages largely on their own while maintaining some measure of control over the basic format. This allows us to ensure compliance with both the Rutgers and SAS identity policies.

Our Services

For departments and centers who are not yet using our Joomla system and choose one of our standard Joomla! templates for their primary site, we can help you move your current site into our system for free. We will assist you in setting up the structure of the site and train departmental personnel on how to import content and maintain the site going forward.

For those who wish a more customized web site for their area, we offer web design services ranging from simple modifications of an existing template to a fully customized site. These services are also offered to any additional affiliated site that a department, program or any other group would like setup.

Finally, for those who need assistance with the day-to-day maintenance of their site's content, we offer web editing services for a nominal hourly fee. We recognize that not all departments will have the staff to handle these edits on their own and provide this service as an alternative to hiring additional web assistants.

If you have questions about any of these services please feel submit a workorder and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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