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The SAS IT Office currently maintains about 10 servers and five storage arrays that collectively handle all hosting and backup of our systems.  Five of these servers are very powerful systems running virtualization software that allows for many virtual servers to run “inside” these machines.  This five systems, along with two Novell servers, handle all primary functions.  This includes email, calendaring, file and printer sharing, workstation and printer management, web hosting, database services, document management, printer accounting, software development and staging, etc.  The remaining servers function in a support capacity providing services like backups, monitoring and data storage for testing and troubleshooting by technicians.

The large majority of server management tasks are handled by the Director and Assistant Director for Server Management with Assistant Director for Programming managing  the software development servers.  Collectively we allocate available drive space, upgrade systems, patch software, maintain security and basically keep the servers running 24x7.   With the exception of our monitoring and offsite backup servers, all SAS servers are located on the College Avenue Campus.

In addition to the work done by the various directors, the individual UCMs are given a certain level of management authority over the areas that they support.  This allows them to perform tasks like creating and deleting accounts and changing passwords without having to go through one of the directors.  However, we are very careful when it comes to allowing others access to certain data so there are limits on what UCMs are permitted to do on their own.  UCMs aren’t permitted to manage e-mail account and, where necessary, custom software has been written to allow for them to perform certain tasks while maintaining user privacy.  For example, our current standard is to reset passwords to the user’s SSN (this is changing) but we didn’t want our UCMs to have access to everyone’s SSN so we wrote software that allows them to reset the passwords for the users they manage without ever exposing the user’s SSN.

The above description relates only to the core servers run by the SAS IT office.  We also maintain ancillary servers that perform functions ranging from call center management to language instruction.  We've also begun development of a High Performance Computing Cluster as we expand more into research computing.

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