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Policy on Outlook/Outlook Express

Our official policy is that users should not use Outlook or Outlook Express for email.  We recommend that all users use Mozilla Thunderbird for email, mainly for security reasons.  We have noticed certain viruses propagate through Outlook and Outlook Express.

Please do not install or configure Outlook or Outlook Express for any new PCs or work orders without checking with your supervisor at SAS IT Services first.  In certain cases, and only for very good reasons, will we make exceptions.

For existing Outlook/Outlook Express users, you can continue to support basic problems they encounter, but please take necessary steps to secure the software. Most importantly, upgrade Windows Update to  Microsoft Update to install any necessary patches for Outlook.  Also, advise the users of the security risks inherent in Outlook or Outlook Express.  If they persist in wanting to use Outlook or Outlook Express, let them know that SAS IT Services cannot take responsibility if their system becomes compromised via an Outlook security hole.

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