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Creating Document Entries for Orphaned Files in DocMan (Joomla! 2.5)

This procedure relates to web sites using the SAS Content Management System (CMS; Joomla! 2.5) with the DocMan document manager component for Joomla! installed.  It explains how to create document entries for orphaned files in DocMan.

You may wind up with an "orphaned file" in DocMan if you upload a file without creating a document entry for it, or delete a document entry without deleting the original file.  Orphaned files are also created when you upload a zipped file of multiple documents using batch mode.  Visitors cannot view orphaned files when browsing the DocMan directory from the front end, nor can you link to orphaned files using the DocLink button (see: Linking to DocMan Documents).

To create document entries for orphaned files:

  • Log on to your site.
  • Click on Components > DocMan > Files
  • On the Files page, select "Orphans" from the dropdown box to the right of "Filter"
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the file you want to publish as a document, then select "New Doc" to the upper right: New Document
  • On the Add Document page, enter a name for the document under "Document Information"
  • Select a Category for the document from the Category dropdown menu.
  • Change Approved and Published to "Yes."
  • Click "Save" to the upper right: Save

You will now be able to link to the document from an article using the DocLink button.  The document will also be visible in the front-end of your web site if you have published a menu item linking to DocMan.

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