Displaying Syllabi in RU Courses Module

syllabus link sample


1. Using MEDIA MANAGER or JCE FILE MANAGER create a folder called: SYLLABI

* Note this must be set in the RU Courses Plugin to point to the correct folder

2. The file naming format should be as follows:

All syllabi must be stored in the following format: semester-school-subject-course or semester-school-subject-course-section (semester = MYYYY). If the section is not supplied, the syllabus will be treated as a default syllabus for the course and be loaded for any sections which do not have one uploaded. The filetype is irrelevant - they can be doc, docx, pdf, txt, etc. (We recommend to use .pdf file)

Below are the semester month equivalents:
Spring: 1
Summer: 7
Fall: 9
Winter: 0

Example: To create a syllabus for:  

Computer Science 111, Fall 2016 section 2 --> The file name would be:  92016-01-198-111-02.pdf

(If it isn't a pdf, it would be whatever extension the file is)



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