Link to a PDF

This page describes how to link to a PDF file using the link tool.

1) Find the Link tool.

article link button

2) Find the Browse button in the Link window.

  • A Link popup window will appear.
  • To the right of URL, click the Browse icon.  It looks like a sheet of paper.

article link paper icon

3) Navigate the File Browser.

  • Browse to the folder where the newly uploaded file should be stored.
  • Click Upload.

article link upload button

4) Upload the file.

  • Click Browse and navigate to the file to be uploaded.
  • Click Upload.

article link browse and upload


5) Select the uploaded file.

  • Make sure the newly uploaded file is highlighted and the box to the left of it is checked.
  • Click Insert.

article link select file

6) Save the changes.

Click Save & Close to save the article.

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