Linking to DocMan Documents (Joomla! 1.0.x)

This procedure relates to web sites using the SAS Content Management System (CMS; Joomla! 1.0.x) with the DocMan document manager component for Joomla! installed.

Often, you will want to create a link to a document somewhere else on your site, so visitors can find it.  For example, you might have a content item for a course, and you want to create a link to the Syllabus for the Course.  The important thing to remember is that every published document has a URL, and you can create a link to the DocMan document just as you would link to any other URL.

Linking to Documents:

  • Open up a browser and go to your web site's front page.
  • Find the link to DocMan on the web site's front-end. The default location for SAS CMS sites is on the Main Menu under "Departmental Services > Downloads". If you cannot find the Docman or Downloads link on the web site's front-end, please submit a work order for assistance.
  • Find the listing for the document that you want to link to - but do not click on it.
  • Position the mouse cursor over the name of your document.
  • Drag the document to your desktop - this will create a shortcut to your document's URL on the desktop.
  • Edit the content item where you want to create the link to the DocMan document (see: Editing Content Items)
  • Type some text that will be hyperlinked to the DocMan document.
  • Highlight the text to be hyperlinked to the DocMan document.
  • Click the "Insert/Edit Link" icon on the toolbar:
  • Right-click the shortcut to your document's URL on the desktop and select Properties.
  • Select the entire URL: from the desktop shortcut "Properties," right-click on it, and select "Copy."
  • Right-click in the "Link URL" field of the "Insert/Edit Link" window,  and select "Paste".
  • Click "Insert."
  • Click the Save icon in the upper right corner:

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